Please let me introduce myself.

I am born in 1947 and work at the Wageningen University and Research since 1965, in the beginning as cytologist and from 1991 as botanical illustrator.

In 1972 I married a Greek woman and got more and more interested in the Greek culture and nature, landscape and people, antiques and mythology, customs and food, etc.

A botanical artist at the university always works with extreme accuracy, which I also do in my painting work. My painting style is called “fictive realism”, meaning that I paint in a photorealistic way things that don’t belong together and that are only connected to each other by my fascination of tin chora ton thavmaton, my wonderland: Greece.

Further on in this site you will find some examples of my work at the university as well as some of my hobby-work. I love to make scientifically accurate drawings of the plants of Greece. The island of Crete alone counts more than 300 endemic plants - plants that are found nowhere else but in Crete. And seen through the microscope the one is even more beautiful than the other.

Also, I would like to ask your attention for some very special artworks : the drawing of a skull of a cat (“Sylvester”, skull found in Kalyves, Crete), the drawing of a skull of a rabbit (“Bugs Bunny”) and the drawing of two beetles. These drawings aren’t made with the pencil but with graphite powder, which is gently applied with erasers (plastic or vinyl, trimmed to a point) and tortillons (paper stumps and/or cotton buds). This method allows for the finest nuances between black-grey-white, but delivers a very vulnerable illustration.

All paintings are for sale. Interested? Do you want to learn more? Please do not hesitate contact me:


I want to thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you have looked at my paintings and drawings with the same pleasure I had making them.

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